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Aspiring Student Designers from High Grange School visit Kieran Harrod Design

Aspiring Student Designers from High Grange School visit Kieran Harrod Design

I was delighted to be joined the other week by a group of aspiring designers from High Grange School, Derby.

7 pupils took over the boardroom at Friar Gate Studios for the day to get an insight into the happenings of a freelance graphic designer. After a brief overview of what a design career might look like in a few years time, pupils got down to the core reason for their visit; finishing new badge designs for their three school houses!

In the weeks before, participating students created a series of design ideas for Houses, Hawk, Dove and Raven. The school selected entries to further develop and combine into final designs. High Grange then got in touch with me to both interpret and refine these designs as well as host the student design teams for the day.

Before their visit I evolved the 3 draft designs into full digital artwork, ready for the students to discuss and critique. On the day pupils got their hands some of the software used day to day by freelance designers, exploring colour options, selecting fonts and modifying the drafts. Between them they explored both the software on Macs as well as getting their hands on the Apple Pencil and iPad to practice sketching and lettering.

From student drafts to near final designs!

Naturally in true graphic designer style, we took a coffee break midway through (it helps to have Bean Caffe on site!) giving everyone an opportunity to chat and find out more about High Grange School and its pupils. High Grange offers a multi-disciplinary approach and incorporates best practices and autism-friendly strategies and supports in order to meet the educational needs of students who have Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). For some of the visiting pupils, a career in design would be a highly possible direction, a number of students showed a real spark of talent and it was a delight to host them.

Currently I’m polishing off the designs before producing finals to display in the school reception announcing the achievements and successes of pupils from each house.

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Kieran takes a unique approach, diving deep into the story that made you, you. What’s the story behind your thriving business that has led you to invest in logo or branding design? In consultation with you, he experiments with a multitude of relevant elements, including your physical environment, your product or service, your mission and values and your USPs. This process means that your resulting brand will have a wealth of meaning to your stakeholders, as well as a beautifully compelling visual design. 


• Award-winning Brand Designer
• Over 20 years graphic design experience
• UK & International logo design experience
• Unique passion for creative ideas grounded in integrity
• Brand design that connects on a human level
• Tools and advice on applying your brand graphics
• Intense and committed focus on few, high-quality projects at any time
• Use elements of your story & environment to create a brand that MEANS something


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Kieran Harrod wins Prestigious International Design Award

Derby, Derbyshire, UK: 26 April 2018 – Derby-based logo & branding creator and graphic designer, Kieran Harrod, has received the prestigious Bronze Award at the A’ Design Awards for Visual Communication.

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