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Kieran Harrod

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Building Effective Relationships Together, School RSE Accreditation Branding

Derbyshire, UK


Working alongside the team at Derbyshire County Council to name and brand a new accreditation award scheme for Relationship and Sex Education (RSE) in Schools.


The creation of a medal logo element for “Building Effective Relationships Together” BERT. The design becomes a mannequin for the surrounding brand elements, built upon artistic representations of positive relationship qualities. Created collaboratively with Derbyshire school pupils.


It was important for the Derbyshire team to involve pupils in the visual branding process. I was however keen to avoid the “design us a school logo” angle (ask me below why). I chose a direction that could be more inclusive, creating a two-step lesson plan activity for any school, class or individual to participate in.

The first step was to have a class or small group discussion around relationship qualities pupils thought were important before moving on to create an abstract colour mix art piece that represented one of these qualities.

Students submitted their designs which I converted into image assets in a BERT brand style and applied this to an adaptable central logo design that matched the art’s colour and pattern.

Participants then submitted their entry to the BERT team and we selected a number to develop within the BERT brand alongside images I developed at the same time. Two of these were taken forward to be applied across the next few years to the brands’ social media channels and other applications.

The BERT medal as a 3D object

BERT Medals
5 Main BERT Medal Colours
BERT Colour Creation
Process of creating a BERT background

The final brand pack included 5 relationship quality backgrounds and matching medals as well as 3 metallic variations for use in awarding schools Gold, Silver and Bronze accreditation.

Pupils from schools across Derbyshire took part and sent in their art. Participants were all school ages, infants, junior and secondary students and they took part as classes or individuals. We’d love to have used more but needed to keep some limits on the options supplied, but perhaps down the line, we can refresh the branding with other submissions!

Photo capture of swirling ink.
Blur image to create leader colour blocks.
Reducing colours
Brightening colours for final production

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