Kieran Harrod

Brand Design & Consultancy

Kieran Harrod

Brand Design & Consultancy

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Pressing Pause

As life's seasons wax and wane, so what's best for me and the folks at home changes.

Sponsoring Amber Valley Ladies FC

Delving into the world of sports sponsorship with Amber Valley Ladies FC!
The question in question!

Hanging out with Peter Saville… in an A-level exam question

What connects Shakespeare, Newton, Darwin and me, Kieran Harrod?
Above door signage looking up

Sign me up!

When Yellow moved into a new building, we needed some ambitious looking signage to fit with the ambitious plans of the firm.
A font sample on a page at an angle

Font and Centred

When developing a brand it’s often down to having the experience to know what’s good, selecting the best fonts for the job and explaining why that is.

It’s Truss but it’s not Quite Right

Occasionally, like Liz Truss in the eyes of the Conservative Party members, things are good but not quite right. When a logo draft is good but not quite right, it doesn’t crash the UK economy.

Landmark Logo Design

Designing logos that include local landmarks without them looking naff.

What’s in a Name?

Does it matter what your brand is called? As the bard said "What's in a name?"

Small Touches, Big Difference

Finding those little touches that bring the brand together as a whole.