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Brand Design & Consultancy

Kieran Harrod

Brand Design & Consultancy

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How do you select colours for your brand?

Choosing colours is often one of the more subjective elements of a brand.

Why I travelled to Aberdeen when I could have stayed at my desk in Derby…

A project that I could have completed "from my desk" but developed into something much better with some on-the-ground research.

Making Stock Photography Unique to Your Brand

Own-able images are important in supporting the wider brand and helping your products stand out from the crowd!

How 10 Years in Business Took me from Good Design to Brilliant Branding (and Heartfelt Gratitude).

Blimey. 10 years as my own boss. My hat off to all business owners who’ve lurched into this milestone and felt like I do right now! (I don’t have an actual hat, but I’ve always liked the idea of it... A bowler maybe.) Thrilled. Bemused. Proud. Grateful… Just a few of my emotional rumblings. Cynical […]

A Tale of Two Christmas Flyers

How to make sure you design for your audience, told by two very different Christmas flyers.