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Kieran Harrod

Brand Design & Consultancy

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Drone Footage at Pride Park Derby

This week I was able to cross the streams of hobby and work by taking the drone out for a spin above a customers premises.

Found Type Portsmouth

Photos of found type in Portsmouth.

On the Wheel

So we made it onto the Wheel in Derby at the weekend. It was a overcast (till about 30 minutes after we got off, typical!) and we couldn’t see quite as far as I had imagined. I could see the Pride Park flyover for example, but not the stadium.

Found Type – Ridley Hall Cambridge

Found these two examples of nice type, in Cambridge at Ridley Hall. Nothing more to say.

Trying out Photosphere in Belper

Trying out the Photosphere feature of the Nexus 4 phone in Belper river gardens this weekend. I’m quite a fan of this little tool, although selecting a good place for a shot is key. Nothing too structural too close. The sunshine helped!

Kilburn Nature Reserve

Crammed between Kilburn Toll Bar crossroads and Bottle Brook with a few installed steps, benches and bins, it’s Kilburn Nature Reserve.