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Coriell Award Logo and Brand Overview

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Coriell Award Logo and Brand Overview

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(Note: This has been automatically transcribed!)

Hello, it's Kieran Harrod here again from Kieran Harrod, and I'm going to run you through a brief rationale for a brand I completed recently. This one was for a scheme of drug and alcohol awareness for schools organised by Derbyshire County Council. And they wanted to come up with a name for the scheme, for the award system and also for the branding and look for how they're going to promote it. They approached me to work with them to undertake this project.

So the first thing we did was name it. And then we proceeded to brand it up. And I'll show you a little bit now about that. So I'll flip over to here. Super. So, like I said, the award was for schools to claim to show that they had a good grip on a whole school approach to drug and alcohol awareness. What the guys who were planning it at the county council were trying to do was to avoid that kind of tired way of bringing some in maybe an ex-user who'd had their struggles would come in and talk in a lesson and then say, don't do drugs, kids. That was the kind of they were trying to avoid, obviously, the positive message there, but a bit tired and maybe not as impactful as it could be. So they were looking to help schools to go to a kind of whole school approach and schools will jump in and join the programme and then try and attain the award and evidence of how they've done it. So which school will be different?

And this slide is just showing the kind of eight key things that we're going to feed into the award, looking with schools, this kind of whole school approach. And this is really where things can start and grip down. I like this particular wait and see why later. But, you know, it was getting all these things ticked off. And so we did some research and explored and undertook some exercises to work our name. We came up with the Correal Award, and that's because there was a tribe called the Carol Toovey and that's how you pronounce it. But they were pre Roman Celtic tribe or series of tribes who lived across the area. And they had a really kind of approach to running their affairs where it was really kind of collaborative. And we like that kind of collaborative nature. So we kind of took it into history. Then came up the Coriell award from the Corieltuvian Tribes. Here you can see the current award itself. And if I just go back to a screen or two here. You see, what I did once we got the name was actually lots of awards schemes, I think, of the Oscars, the BAFTA and still have the statuette and instead of statue, that becomes the kind of brand. So we wanted to do the same thing. And that was a little inspired by those kind of existing awards schemes.

And obviously we're not quite as prestigious, but hopefully people will see the prestige in it. So these were kind of Corieltuvian coins. And you see here the kind of life you can see, the kind of horse kind of shape here and some of the kind of reliefs and things like that that the kind of coins came with. And these were kind of dug out not so long ago in Leicester. So that was kind of inspired the top combination of that and the kind of ring of key factors. It's by the kind of award from this award. And that we kind of got rounded up and this could be something we could produce and it was going to be an awards ceremony, but obviously Kobe destroyed that kind of celebrating the kind of efforts that schools and schools and teachers put in. So we created the war. That could actually be a real a real thing.

And it's really from the award that the wider kind of correal design is formed. So, yeah, inspired by this kind of coin and then really kind of glossy and shiny and prestigious, the dark blue kind of bouncing it off. And so it's a real kind of prestigious award that people can hopefully actually win and achieve, that schools can actually achieve, and they can actually take that to their like their schools and show it off and they can stick it on their heads and things like that. So I'm just going to throw a few more things because I don't want to keep it too long. And you can you would just kind of refine kind of rules and refine the award.

You can see that kind of around what kind of social media scale down. And make more and more simple as needed, but actually we must use the kind of glossy one and then just come a different variations of colours and things. This is the brand guidelines just for the guys are going to follow wear badges that schools can kind of tag onto that website and say, we've done this and these fellows will provide it. So, yeah, there you go. That's a quick, brief look at the career award, how we came to it, how it came to its name and how it came to creating awards statuette that would then become kind of pride of place within the brand. So, yes, just a quick roundup of the current award, just to give you an idea of where it came from. If you're interested in having your product or service, brand or business branded by me, then please do get in touch.

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