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Drone Footage at Pride Park Derby

Drone Footage at Pride Park Derby

Graphic Design is a wide church of disciplines. I focus on Logos and Branding and within this, I often practice skills such as drawing, illustration, type design, animation and photography. I’m super fortunate that my work, design, crosses with my interests. This week I was able to fully cross the streams of hobby and work by taking the drone out for a spin above a customer’s premises.

Yellow Rail have a unit on Pride Park, Derby, which operates as a head office and rail engineering works. I designed branding for Yellow Rail, the website and the signage for the unit which is prominently located just down from Pride Park Football Stadium. It was therefore great to be able to stretch the propellers of the drone and capture the building that displays an example of my brand work.

It was all something of a test for me and I captured plenty of footage that’s less than good, but also plenty worth showing and a couple of photos

Sample footage from the drone shoot

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Kieran takes a unique approach, diving deep into the story that made you, you. What’s the story behind your thriving business that has led you to invest in logo or branding design? In consultation with you, he experiments with a multitude of relevant elements, including your physical environment, your product or service, your mission and values and your USPs. This process means that your resulting brand will have a wealth of meaning to your stakeholders, as well as a beautifully compelling visual design. 


• Award-winning Brand Designer
• Over 20 years graphic design experience
• UK & International logo design experience
• Unique passion for creative ideas grounded in integrity
• Brand design that connects on a human level
• Tools and advice on applying your brand graphics
• Intense and committed focus on few, high-quality projects at any time
• Use elements of your story & environment to create a brand that MEANS something


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