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Kieran Harrod

Brand Design & Consultancy

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Drone Photography Branding and Website Design

Derbyshire, UK


Northworthy’s goal is to create exceptional drone video and photography for clients, with a minimum of fuss. Capturing amazing photography and video from the air for customers including commercial sites, construction, heritage, tourism and more. A smart, modern design was needed for use across digital and print promotions.


A monogram formed from N and W, the logo hints at several elements important to Northworthy. Firstly it reads as a compass point, suggesting the position of the Saxon encampment to the north of the river in Derby. The mark also suggests a drone flight path, capturing the earth from the air.

Making it simple to get the drone footage you’re after, Northworthy provides drone photography and video services for a range of applications from commercial footage to home sellers. A clean NW monogram is supported by the “See More.” tagline, which is worked into some of the photographs in their portfolio. The combination of the brand and the exceptional views seen from their photography come together to form a confident, professional solution within the drone photography space.

The yellow and grey colour palette provides a strong base on which to build the brand and eschews the typical colours of blues and green seen in the drone photography space.

I also created the website to promote the commercial drone photography service, at

Northworthy seen on a drone.

See More.

Encapsulating the Northworthy mission, the tagline can be applied to images taken by the brand. Designed to appear within the photograph, be that behind the skyline, across the sea or within the landscape. A powerful message that captures the power of seeing things from the sky.

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