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Event Promotion for Mobilise Your Workforce

Event Promotion for Mobilise Your Workforce

Promotion of a mobile technology event at Microsoft London HQ.

Mobilise Your Workforce is a regular conference designed for Senior and Operations Managers in industry looking at the ever changing future of mobile technology. Hosted by longstanding mobile solutions provider TBS Mobility at the UK head office of Microsoft in Cardinal Square London.


Working with the team at TBS, I created a imagery, promotional materials and a mini-site with mobile variation for the 2012 event titled “Still in the Technology Dark Ages?”.


We developed an Evolution based theme leveraging a recognisable “ape to man” silhouette equipping each of the characters with ever modern tools for their work, starting with a toolkit, large 80’s phone and laptop computer, finishing with a modern handheld mobile device.


Once I’d created the main illustration I applied this to the promotional flyers, an email shot and the mini-site as well as developing the sign-up and tracking system for the site.

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How I Design a Logo

I was contacted by a new client to create a logo for a compensation advice website, Compensation Made Easy. The business was a new venture and they had almost everything in place including a web site but they’d not sorted out their logo.

The site was due for launch in a week so the logo was needed FAST! This made encouraged me to create a small video that I’d been thinking about for a while, a condensed sped up version of the design process I go through for such projects.

Found Type Berwick

I mentioned the other week that I liked type applied directly to surfaces. Turns out Berwick-Upon-Tweed was full of it. So here are some images of type I snapped whilst I was there.

3 Great Reasons to Send Brochures to Customers

I love it when stuff jumps from the web into the real world. It’s great when I receive an email from my website with an inquiry, but it’s even better when someone picks up the phone and calls me.

I means I have persuaded visitors to call using just the text and pictures on my site.

Apologies if this page looks a little odd, there's been some work undertaken on the site recently and not quite all of the pages have been transferred to the new design!

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