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Festive Hanging Sprout Printable

A little seasonal treat for the festive period!

Download and print your very own hanging sprout decoration!

Here’s what you’ll need:

• A printer
• Some paper (I’d use some thicker printer friendly paper, 160gsm and above)
• A pair of scissors
• A hole punch
• Some sticky tape
• Ribbon, wool or string for hanging



Step 1
Download then Print Sprout A and Sprout B back to back on a sheet of A4 card.

Step 2
Cut out both sprouts and half way into each as shown by the dashed lines.

Step 3
Use a hole puncher to make holes indicated in the stalk end.

Step 4
Slide the 2 sprouts together, fasten with sticky tape along the the cuts & hang with ribbon.

Sharing is caring!

I’d love to see your hanging sprouts in action, share the results with me kieranharrod on Twitter with the tag #hangingsprouts or on Instagram @kieranharrod with the tag #hangingsprouts!

And if you’ve enjoyed making these, please share onwards!

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