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Kieran Harrod

Brand Design & Consultancy

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Insight+ Research & Evaluation Brand & Logo

Chesterfield, UK


The creation of a brand for a new research and evaluation arm of educational CIO DEBP.


An engaging individual logo with clear brand recognition usable in a range of formats. Inspired by local data legend Florence Nightingale with a hidden code. Created to be distinct but complementary to the DEBP brand the new design is a confident flexible logo that gives Insight+ an authoritative visual voice.

Authoritative Educational Research.

Insight+ isn’t a new startup, rather it draws on DEBP’s decade in business and wealth of experience with along. Insight+ also brings a team of professionals, enabling the new venture to start on a confident foot. The final design promotes the confidence of an experienced brand whilst broadening its influence within the educational landscape.

Inisght+ works alongside partner agencies to deliver research and evaluation projects to improve aspects of education. The brand enables this collaborative nature through flexibility in areas such as co-branding projects and reports.

Producing well developed and authoritative pieces of research, the Insight+ design underpins this authority with a brand that commands respect. Stylistically bold and professional, it stands out within the educational sector.

Hidden Morse Code within the chart

Data is the key to the services Insight+ provide, therefore putting data at the heart of the brand was essential. Florence Nightingale was both a local and a data pioneer, I took inspiration from Nightingale’s  charts to create the logo mark.

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