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The Coriell Drug and Alcohol Education Award Branding

Derbyshire, UK


Derbyshire County Council Education have created a novel, bespoke “whole school” education approach to offer support to Secondary Schools wanting to develop their school drug and alcohol education programme. They approached me to work alongside them to name and brand the new programme.


“The Coriell Award” name was developed after undertaking a collaborative naming process. This fed into the creation of a high end award design and matching brand, aimed at school management, teachers and other stakeholders.

Name Creation, Award Design, Logo and Branding for Derbyshire County Council Schools Education Project.

Derbyshire County Council had developed an awards programme for the prevention of substance misuse in young people. This new award is looking to use evidence-based public health within the school curriculum (and not a traditional “Just Say No” message). Schools themselves will own the programme and how they’re run with support from the Council, creating something that works for each individual school.

Critical to the awards success is pupil and parent engagement, and the Schools themselves, Management, teachers and governors will need to recognise the value the award can bring to their student population, curriculum and wider community. The brand therefore should be recognisable and memorable to all of the stakeholders.

A Mark of Success for Schools

The award programme itself was almost complete and the team in the Derbyshire County Council Education and Public Health departments were engaging with schools on a trial basis. At the end of a year, schools enrolled on the award will receive a bronze, silver or gold rating, depending on their progress.

The team needed both a name for the programme as well as a brand to promote the programme to schools and their stakeholders.

The Coriell Award Text

Coriell Award Sketch

The Award Figurine

The Coriell Award brand starts from the award statue design itself. The remainder of the visual identity is influenced by this; it represents the wider award scheme and what it stands for.

Inspired by Corieltauvian coinage discovered in archaeological digs across the East Midlands and wider Corieltauvi pre-Roman tribal region. The Corieltauvi were a tribe of people living in Britain before the Roman conquest, and thereafter a civitas of Roman Britain. Their territory was in what is now the English East Midlands.

The formation of the statue and its distinctive crown design and layout have grounding in the historical coinage and the contemporary curriculum first ambitions of the awards structure.

Alongside the Award Figurine design and logo creation, I developed additional deliverables including a full digital presentation template to allow users to create bespoke presentations in Powerpoint, Letterhead templates and web badges for schools to use on their websites.

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