Kieran Harrod

Brand Design & Consultancy

Kieran Harrod

Brand Design & Consultancy

Kieran Harrod Design

Using great design as shorthand for the quality of you products and services

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Good design. It can break that classic business tension. When the product or service you offer is better than the competition and the ambition for your business is to be the best in your field. You position yourself as better. Design can help you do that. It becomes a visual shortcut to high-quality and works to persuade viewers that your business is the one to fulfil their need.⠀

That’s what I’ve been working on doing for CS Security Solutions who wanted to take their great services up a notch and one from being an excellent small family business, to an excellent larger family business. Branding and Web Design for CS Security.⠀

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Friar Gate Studios · Ford Street · Derby · DE1 1EE

Bright Geometric

An early (and ambitious) logo and colour exploration for a business supplies company.

Found Type – Ridley Hall Cambridge

Found these two examples of nice type, in Cambridge at Ridley Hall. Nothing more to say.

Frozen Party Invites and other Frozen Party Bits!

Outnumbered as I am 3:1 by ladies in the family, I do on occasion turn my design talents to some more girly design tasks. Our eldest, obsessed as she is with the endlessly successful Disney film Frozen, chose this as the theme for her recent Birthday party. Here are the invites I created.

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