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Kieran Harrod

Brand Design & Consultancy

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Victoria Written Logo Branding

Victoria Written Logo Branding

Freelance Copywriting Logo Design and Brand Direction

The Project: Targeting SME’s through direct sales and social channels, Victoria Written was looking to introduce a visual brand that reflects the creation of successful copy, being clear, crisp and without “waffle”.

The Solution: I developed a contemporary and understated brand that reflected the personality of Victoria. The design will aid in positioning the business as a professional, successful copywriting service. At the same time the design hints at the personal nature of developing a business relationship alongside Victoria.

Far more than copywriting.

Pitching a Word Strategist, Victoria Written offers services centre around copywriting; but the business is “Far more than copywriting”, with an eye on strategies and marketing around the wording and presentation of a clients business.


Using a unique serif font combined with a sharp clean logo, the design creates a highly modern look whilst reflecting the care and craft inherent in the art of copywriting.


I created the original design using some paper cutting, highlighting the origin of the word “write” and referencing the manual process of writing with a manual design method. This was digitised for the final pace but I kept the original paper cut triangles and repurposed them with some hand drawn additions for a series of “stickers” for use across the brand especially on social media posts.

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Frozen Party Invites and other Frozen Party Bits!

Outnumbered as I am 3:1 by ladies in the family, I do on occasion turn my design talents to some more girly design tasks. Our eldest, obsessed as she is with the endlessly successful Disney film Frozen, chose this as the theme for her recent Birthday party. Here are the invites I created.

Reward Sticker Charts

I rustled up these sticker charts a short while back as encouragement for various toddler based goals namely eating meals, using the potty and brushing teeth.

On the Wheel

So we made it onto the Wheel in Derby at the weekend. It was a overcast (till about 30 minutes after we got off, typical!) and we couldn’t see quite as far as I had imagined. I could see the Pride Park flyover for example, but not the stadium.

Apologies if this page looks a little odd, there's been some work undertaken on the site recently and not quite all of the pages have been transferred to the new design!

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